Emotions are very strong, some people find it very difficult to make their lives meaningful again after a breakup. You can’t just keep moping all around the place,look into a different  direction, you’re stronger than you think the earlier you realize that the better. just because it burns doesn’t mean you are going to die. it’s okay to love but are you sure the person is going to extend the same courtesy towards you. As a woman you must learn to live your life independently, your value depends on the level you  place yourself, refuse to be treated like a modern slave, free yourself , freeze yourself, free your career. Learn to make decisions, the woman in you shouldn’t be manipulated , the woman in you shouldn’t be tossed around.. have a strong voice of yourself, inspire yourself if nobody does encourage yourself if no one is there to compliment , posses a strong heart ,re-define yourself, a relationship that doesn’t push you forward is nothing but a waste of time. Something better and bigger is on it’s way for you, nobody can take the pain away, no one can bring back the lost smiles, chase out your worries, rescue yourself, kiss your fears goodbye , keep holding on, and you can always have a girls night out! I can see a new version of you. Don’t make anyone sweep you away, STAND TALL!


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