Emotions are very strong, some people find it very difficult to make their lives meaningful again after a breakup. You can’t just keep moping all around the place,look into a different  direction, you’re stronger than you think the earlier you realize that the better. just because it burns doesn’t mean you are going to die. it’s okay to love but are you sure the person is going to extend the same courtesy towards you. As a woman you must learn to live your life independently, your value depends on the level you  place yourself, refuse to be treated like a modern slave, free yourself , freeze yourself, free your career. Learn to make decisions, the woman in you shouldn’t be manipulated , the woman in you shouldn’t be tossed around.. have a strong voice of yourself, inspire yourself if nobody does encourage yourself if no one is there to compliment , posses a strong heart ,re-define yourself, a relationship that doesn’t push you forward is nothing but a waste of time. Something better and bigger is on it’s way for you, nobody can take the pain away, no one can bring back the lost smiles, chase out your worries, rescue yourself, kiss your fears goodbye , keep holding on, and you can always have a girls night out! I can see a new version of you. Don’t make anyone sweep you away, STAND TALL!



Make peace with your past so it wont spoil your present.   When you feel down, when all the voices in you says you are getting it all wrong, when your closest friends stay away, do not fear, its just the beginning of a new dawn. Ask yourself questions, What is pulling me back? What is it i’m doing that i’m not getting right? Trace out what is making you derail.  Sometimes in life we have to feel sober to move on..sit in silence…dream while your eyes are wide open…there are so many people we’ll meet in life but not all will help to accomplish our dreams..your strength, fortune and how far you can go in life is in your hands. No one is in charge of your happiness. If you have been moving with a particular group of friends and all you can count is losses, you have to deliberately avoid, remember when you live in a world of friends you massacre your dreams and become a prisoner of yourself. Life is too short to be wasted, everyone is born with talent,discover it to your advantage . Contribute positively into your life, free  your mind from all burdens, don’t let people decide for you, enhance the quality of your life by making good use of your matter how hard a situation is…you can always make a change, movies don’t turn out real,sometimes imaginations never come into existence but if you re truly focused, determined, and you’ve shut the doors of persimism you will succeed…the pursuit of dreams is the beginning of excellence. No one is born a legend or a hero, create yourself, fix your puzzles, stare the world in the face!!


What makes people different from one another could be size, age, shape, beauty, height, and so on.  I do not have business in the physical attributes, i have more interest in the intellect.   Are you the type whose presence and absence is not felt ? if you are then you are existing not living. Some of us loves fashion, parties, sports, e.t.c, when you are at home, in the gym, at work, in school, do people even know who you are?   Then how can people know you…knowing you doesnt have to be about you wearing the clothes of latest designers, riding posh cars, classy coiffures and all of that. Live…touch lives and help them fufill their dreams.. blow a wind of positivity towards others…let them feel your presence..inspire them in every way you can…impact lives, reconstruct souls, make the hopeless hopeful, the weak strong, the sick recovered, help people outgrow their current situation and uplift them, wake up and start living not existing remember success is not something to be postponed for the future, act now…help others and in all cheers to greatness!!


Waking up each day is a chance to re-create, re-fill your energy.   Take advantage of all possibilities life has to offer, make yourself prone to opportunities…be creative, be involved, be inquisitive, refine your resources..the easiest way to get broken down is through your emotions do not let them take over you ,instead make them slaves to you. it is your motion that will activate your provision. grow your mind in various things that affects positively…it’s the first day of the week and  it’s never to late to set new goals…swing high…outshine, take steps that will make you outgrow your current situations…GO and make it HAPPEN!